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About Us

SuperGreen Solutions of Central MN is your local partner for driving revenues and lowering costs through green initiatives. We are a locally owned and operated franchise that provides advisory services and energy efficient products. All over the world, businesses are striving to differentiate themselves. They also want to improve energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase revenue. The use of green initiatives to satisfy this is our service. Our service process is a proven 8 step process:

1) Start the Promotion Campaign
2) Conduct the Sustainability Assessment
3) Generate the Action Plan/Roadmap
4) Initial Certification
5) Project Recommendations
6) Product Purchase/Install
7) Earn the Green Compass Award
8) Continuous Improvement

The SuperGreen Solutions’ ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification and Green Compass Sustainability Award™ program will differentiate your business from your competition, giving you all of the following benefits of being a certified GREEN company:
-improved public image
-improved competitive advantage
-improved financial performance
-increased valuation
-enhanced product / operational performance
-improved employee engagement
-improved new customer attainment
-improved legal compliance
-improved new market penetration
-improved emergency preparedness

SuperGreen Solutions is built to serve the small and medium enterprises.

Remember that a sustainable organization is a profitable one and include sustainability in succession planning. Ask us why your business also needs a Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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  • Sustainability Certifications
  • Energy Audits
  • People, Planet & Profit (The Triple Bottom Line)
  • Energy Efficient Products
  • Advisory Services


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