How will you celebrate Leap Day 2016?

This year we get an extra day on the calendar. An entire day. How will you celebrate Leap Day? We have a few – 29, actually – ideas for you. Random acts of kindness, business and professional growth, and more. Choose one, or see how many you can get to in your bonus 24 hours!

  1. Tune in to a webinar or sign up for a class – take an hour or two to learn something new.
  2. Compliment a stranger. Or two.
  3. Indulge in your favorite dessert. Before dinner.
  4. Take a new route to work – It helps keep your mind sharp, and you get to enjoy new scenery.
  5. Give yourself some space – organize and declutter a closet, room, or your office.
  6. Take your staff out to lunch – hey, it only happens once every four years!
  7. Send a thank you note to someone who helped get you to where you are today – a teacher, mentor, former employer.
  8. Take a photo of something (or someone) that makes you happy. Have it printed and display it where you’ll see it every day.
  9. Take a walk, and look for things that make you smile.
  10. Contact 29 prospects you’ve been meaning to reach out to.
  11. Help clean up our planet – pick up trash you see and dispose of (or recycle!) it properly
  12. Thank or compliment someone publicly on social media.
  13. Learn a new joke.
  14. Say “Thank You” at least 29 times today. And mean it.
  15. Turn off all the phone, computer, and television for a couple of hours. Spend the time talking to someone you care about.
  16. Gather up the clothing you don’t wear anymore and donate it.
  17. Write happy thoughts and encouragements on sticky notes and leave them for others to find.
  18. Start a gratitude journal. Beginning today, write down five things each day that you are thankful for.
  19. Sign up for a social media management tool like Hootsuite.The time you save may add up to another bonus day!
  20. Get your taxes in order early.
  21. Try a new recipe for dinner. Or, if you don’t cook, a try a new restaurant.
  22. Visit someone who is in the hospital or nursing home.
  23. Make a list of the 29 most influential people in your life. Tell them what you appreciate about them.
  24. Donate new stuffed toys to a local police department or children’s hospital for kids who need comfort.
  25. Start that book you’ve been meaning to read.
  26. Crank up the music and sing along at the top of your lungs.
  27. Visit a museum – soak in art or history.
  28. Write down your favorite childhood memories. Share them with the people in them.
  29. Plan an adventure for Leap Day 2020!

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