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Have it your way!
If you’re like me, your inbox probably fills up with way more information than you need.  Some of those emails get the quick review and a click of a mouse to delete them.  Others I unsubscribe from, quickly, while still others I read closely and even save or share them.  We all have different interests in what we read and stay informed about. 
We want to keep your interest alive, but we don’t want to overwhelm with too much information.    Yes, we curate a lot of “news” that naturally appeals to different segments of our membership.  Beginning this month, we are trying some new angles with targeted newsletters.  You have the option to sign up for exactly what information you need.  Some of you may want it all, while others may be satisfied with only one or two newsletters. 
#Business Update is a once a month newsletter that will provide updates about legislative and economic development news that affects businesses in our area.  We regularly monitor rule changes, legislative changes and economic development. 
#UpNext is a twice a month newsletter and will include our chamber and community events calendar.  We will list all chamber events including committee meetings, networking, lunches and major events.  You will know what is happening, how to register and where to go.  This subscription will also put you on the list for all special event invites.
#KeepPACEwithERACC is a twice a month newsletter packed with updates about local businesses, new members, ribbon cuttings and the chamber BLOG.  We will also include information on how to take advantage of your member benefits so you get the most value for your investment.
#TheSource is our regular monthly newsletter.  All member businesses will automatically receive one printed copy as well as an email to all of those staff members who wish to receive it.  This will include announcements, events, and pictures. 
You can always change your subscription preferences by visiting this site or calling our office.  Click here to sign up for these newly formatted newsletters, delivered to you with exactly the information you need from your chamber.
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