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So I joined the chamber, what’s next?

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Congratulations, you, your boss or your partner have decided to join the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce.  You saw your business announcement in the newsletter and maybe you’ve even had a visit from the Ambassadors.  Is that it?  No, not by a long shot. It’s really only the beginning.
If the company you work with belongs to a Chamber then you’re in luck - as an employee, you are also a member ! That means all of your staff, co-workers and partners can also benefit from the opportunities the chamber has to offer. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of the many benefits and opportunities offered exclusively to members.
Events: If you want to connect with local businesses, meet people and learn something new - attend a Chamber event. The chamber offers a variety of events that offer value for all types of businesses. At the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce, with over 150 events a year including networking, programs and seminars - there’s an event for everyone. Weekly networking events are free to attend and offer an intimate setting for establishing business leads and networking with 18-25 people. You can connect with business and community leaders at large events with 100-200 attendees while enjoying a round of golf, chamber awards program or evening social. Events are the best way to connect with and learn from our Chamber’s diverse business community.

Member Hack #1! Ask us who by business size or sector we expect will attend, how many attendees are expected and what you can expect to gain from a specific event to make sure it fits your needs.  

Connect Digitally:  Besides meeting with someone in person, there is much to be gained from socializing and networking anytime online. Write a tweet, add them as a friend, post a picture with them (or a selfie) and connect with them on social media. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all important platforms to build relationships and keep-up with those new connections either on your personal or business account. The Elk River Area Chamber has its own social media accounts and followers benefit from keeping up to date with Chamber events, news, and happenings. On my personal accounts, I try to connect not only with colleagues and regional leaders, but also with as many local business members as possible.  On Twitter I share ideas and reminders, on Facebook we post current events and member news, and on LinkedIn I connect with people and share businesses articles. As virtual as social media can be, it can also offer worthwhile human connections, which in my opinion is the best kind of business.

Member Hack #2! Let the chamber enhance your social media presence: post your happy news or information to share directly to our Facebook page and share your own articles or blogs via our LinkedIn group. 

Give - Get: One principle of business that is simple and often overlooked is “Give and you shall receive”. Chamber members who give back to the Chamber through sponsorship, participation, referral or business engagement always receive value back. My favorite example is our Chamber Connections group that meets on Tuesday mornings.  Those who attend get to share what is happening in their own business. They also build relationships, learn practical business tips and earn new business from the wide variety of people who also participate.  That’s what I call a win-win-win.

Member Hack #3! Mark your calendar for Tuesday mornings to join Elk River Chamber Connections.  They meet weekly from 8:30 - 9:30 am at SPIRE Credit Union in Elk River. They are a warm and welcoming group of like-minded business people.

The Chamber has your back:
 The Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce has a strong history as the voice for the business community in front of all levels of government. Advocacy may sound very stuffy and political, but in reality it might be precisely what your business needs. Members who want to get something done come to the chamber for advocacy help in sending a unified message, especially when it comes to policy that impacts their business success.

Member Hack #4! Have a concern with a government entity or agency and not sure where to turn?  Call the chamber. We know someone, or will help you find the right resource to solve that problem.  If not, we can probably tackle it together.

Find out what else is included: Your membership gives you access to education and advertising opportunities at reduced rates to save you time & money. These programs include Leadership Elk River, seminars and workshops, the Elk River Community Guide, online advertising, online job posts and much more.  Find out what is offered with your membership so you're investing in a membership abundant in ROIs.

Member Hack #5! Join us at our next Membership Kick Start workshop at SPIRE Credit Union on January 10 at 9:45 am to learn more about the features and benefits that are yours with membership! RSVP by January 9 to receive a personalize evaluation of your directory page.

The adage is true: You will get out of your membership in proportion to the effort you put in, and we’re not just talking about events!
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